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Welcome to FocusedBuyer®About Us

Hi, I am Don Jean Co-Founder & CEO of Hi, I am Tom Middleton Co-Founder & COO of

Donald C. Jean
Co-Founder & Innovator
Thomas J. Middleton
Co-Founder & Innovator


We welcome you, sole proprietors; micro, small & medium-sized business owners and your employees; organization and club members; corporate associates sourcing products, supplies, services, or equipment; public service buying personnel; and independent, individual consumers, to our Purchasing & Trading Web Site and its Precious®Payment Payment Services & Financial Records process.

We believe "About us" is really.... all about you. More

You have shared many stories of your concerns to obtain value for the money you spend, to make progress in your overall financial life or to just survive for another day in the economies of this millennium.

You have voiced real concern over the onslaught of new rules, imposed regulations, rising taxes, lesser take-home pay, vanishing benefits, shrinking profits and out-of-your control price changes and cost inflation. Regardless, you are asked to remain confident and continue to spend money (main-street folks deliver 70% of economic activity and impact) so as to avoid downturns and deflation. But you are also continuously reminded that you need to somehow save some money and be very concerned about unknown economic circumstances if you do not.

You have told us about unbelievable instances of 'less than honest' and 'resolution nightmare' experiences that have happened to you while Searching, Buying, Selling, Contracting, Supplying, Paying, Accounting, Archiving or Advertising (let's collectively call it Purchasing & Trading) on the Internet. It seems as though all of us are being confronted daily with a quagmire of new threats, unacceptable, conspiratorial and unlawful behavior, activities and actions in the World of Online.

You have described many of the existing e-Commerce World Wide Web buy/sell platforms with their structures, process, situations and results as having the Wild West elements of randomness, vulnerability, uncertainty, caution and concern, participants being beware, and personal loss of control of what happens next.

With all of the above as our incentive, we thank you for inspiring and energizing us to create a revolutionary new, Online Purchasing & Trading Platform and forum that we designed to help restore legitimacy and balance to Internet Commerce and to collectively benefit users engaging in B2B, C2B and C2C e-Commerce.

Please investigate, explore and try out our Web Site process. Determine for yourself that Purchasing & Trading on the Internet can be done with better control, with better cost effectiveness, with more safety & security, with more satisfaction, with no Buying Expense, with minimal costs to Make Payments, with no individual transaction Selling Fees and with low, annual Seller Subscription pricing.

You can now carry out your Purchasing & Trading efforts in confidentiality, with confidence, for economic benefits in a fair and balanced way and also help us make it even better with your welcomed, important and continuous feedback.

You have been looking for a better way to start Purchasing & Trading online or to have maximum control over your current Purchasing & Trading efforts and results.

We believe we have solved this for you with the combination of our online Buying process and its Precious®Payment/Payment Services commercial settlement methodology.


Who We Are

Tom and Don are entrepreneurs who have lived and breathed the process of Purchasing & Trading. For decades we have purchased or provided leadership for Purchasing & Trading activities covering multiple billions of dollars of expenditures involving products; direct materials & services (for inclusion in manufactured product or for resale); indirect goods, tools & services (for maintenance, repair, operating and office needs); and capital equipment required to operate and performance improve businesses. We have created Binding Contracts, under myriads of circumstances, terms & conditions, environments and cultures from almost every corner of the globe.

We know what it takes to spend money wisely, safely, securely and with the result that both the Buyer and the Supplier/Seller are receiving fair and appropriate value in the Purchasing & Trading exchange process. More

CEO & Co-Founding Partner Donald C. Jean

Don has substantial practical, functional and strategic business experience and leadership with successful Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

He spent multiple years with a USA based global company at their manufacturing plants and operating units rising to become the Corporate Director of Procurement responsible for $3 Billion Dollars of worldwide purchases and leadership of their international sourcing and procurement team.

He also spent multiple years with a UK Group's North American Headquarters as the Sourcing Director responsible for nearly $2 Billon Dollars of USA purchases and was a core member of their international Supply Management team.

He has spent recent years successfully developing his Sales & Sourcing consulting business. Multiple clients have contracted with him to help them with Strategic Purchasing; Materials, Manufacturing, Operations Management; New Product Development & Procurement; Global Sourcing; Forward Business Planning, Key Client & Customer Development; Sales & Marketing Initiatives; Ethics/Code of Conduct Training and Cost/Price Fundamentals. Substantially lowering costs, knowing and understanding cost drivers, saving serious money, delivering real value, out of the box thinking and process implementation are Don's trademarks and passion.

His experience includes the design, selection and implementation of computer systems and software (MRP/MRP II, IBM, Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, BPICS/Maximo) across multiple facets of business processes. He has similar experience with Buying Groups; Procurement Card introductions, utilizations and growth; Cost/Price policy; Economic factors and Commodity statistics & trends; and Product to Market innovations.

Don received his BS in Business and his MBA from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He is a member of Cornell's Athletic Hall of Fame, he is a Kappa Sigma Fraternity Brother, he is a member of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) and he has a network of multiple thousands of "business friends" around the world. He resides in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. He enjoys his family, playing baseball with his friends and is an enthusiastic genealogist.

COO & Co-Founding Partner Thomas J. Middleton

Tom has had vast business experience and leadership in and with Fortune 500 companies.

He has spent multiple years with a Fortune 500 company's manufacturing plants and operating units rising to become the VP of Strategic Sourcing for an Engineered Products Group responsible for $1B Dollars of global spend and a key member of the parent company's global sourcing team.

He has spent several years as the Vice President & GM of a major, global Watch & Clock Company. In this position, Tom and his team increased both the Profitability & Return on Assets by 20% per year. Tom also served as VP of Operations for the US division of the largest worldwide Manufacturer and Distributor of watches.

He has spent several years using his corporate management, strategic sourcing, and global acquisition of goods & services skills/expertise as a Senior Management Consultant with one of the world's largest consulting groups.

His experience includes the design, selection and implementation of computer systems that brought enhanced productivity and efficiency to the business, financials, materials and procurement functions and processes.

Tom received his MBA from Seton Hall University and his undergraduate BBA from St. Bonaventure University. Tom was an accomplished athlete in college and became an Officer in the US Marine Corps. He resides in Central area of New Jersey. He enjoys his sons, their families and all the activities they are involved with.


Tom and Don have known each other, worked together, collaborated together and delivered results together for a very long time. They believe this collaboration is their best ever and believe you will definitely achieve real, tangible benefits from its use and reach a conclusion to use it again and again.


What We Do

We deliver for you faster, better and safer searching, buying, selling, contracting, supplying, paying, accounting, archiving and advertising on the Internet.More

We provide for you an online process to help you carry out self-initiated Purchasing & Trading opportunities using your own content and specific direction as to the participants and terms to create your own Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) & Common Law aligned purchase contracts.

We securely template and communicate a Buyer’s well-defined requisition requirement(s), via a Listing (RFI/RFQ/RFP), to the world of Suppliers and Sellers or just to those they specifically choose to engage. We help you find alternatives to products and services where pricing structures are firm and allowable discount percentages are strictly controlled by the manufacturers.

We capture and display current Listings and their details in a format that serves up uniquely qualified sales leads originating from buyers. Suppliers and Sellers are always searching to find such leads and then to close a sale around them.

We securely accept Supplier or Seller templated offerings, responding to a Listing, for review and Buyer selection of “the best one” they believe will provide the desired result for their money exchanged. Suppliers and Sellers have an open and direct opportunity window to convey their best value proposition to Buyers.

We securely facilitate the Purchase Order formulation and formation process between the trading parties and the subsequent tracking of the ongoing Contract Performance efforts by both and the overall final result. And we securely capture the important details and data accumulated within the trading transaction for future trending and reporting.

We help you aggregate purchases so you (or us if you want us to) can better comply with IRS 1099 Supplier/Seller expenditure reporting laws.

We securely carry out Payment and/or Payment Services between the trading parties when and only if the Precious ® Payment option is chosen as the defining financial settlement method.

We drive the buy/sell transaction interchange fees toward zero and help you limit the use of high interest credit, debit and procurement card settlement instruments.

Very Important Note: All other payment options chosen and contracted by the trading parties, other than Precious®Payment, carry their own specific contractual and financial risks and those risks are strictly to the responsibility, accountability and account(s) of the trading parties.

We securely match advertisers to the right Buyers and Suppliers/Sellers that they want to reach. We Have Buyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year that have identified what they want to buy or need to buy...but have not yet made the purchase. Likewise, we also have Suppliers and Sellers who have identified what products, goods and services their businesses provide. These folks also are Buyers supporting their own business needs.

We securely provide an a la carte menu of fee-based services to Buyers and Suppliers/Sellers. From help defining and initiating a Request for Quote Listing, to forwarding Qualified & Relevant Sales Leads, to Negotiating on your behalf or to Handling a complete Outsourcing of your Buying Efforts...our professionals are available.

We do this through our online, cloud-based, step-by-step structured Purchasing process and its interactive Trading forum. No longer is there a need for you to utilize expensive, rigid, annual fee required and difficult to manage packaged software.

Very Important Note: We are not a law firm and we do not offer or dispense legal or commercial advice to any party who elects, freely or otherwise, to buy, sell or trade using the process, system, checklists or templates. All commercial and legal risks remain solely with the contractually or otherwise engaged independent, buying and selling parties.


Why We Do It

We realized that you go through life, as we have, buying all kinds of stuff and/or services for yourself, for your family, for your business or for your employer.

We recognized that in your daily business purchasing efforts or your personal consumption activities you desire and strive to spend your hard-earned money wisely, safely, securely and with the satisfaction that you have received what you paid for.More

We know (after our involvement with millions of professional and personal buying & selling transactions) how difficult, complex, anxious and frustrating the world of Purchasing & Trading can be.

We know that fair and balanced outcomes between trading parties are often elusive and the road to mutually beneficial results is littered with casualties as the process unfolds to the major benefit of or incredible deceit of one party (Buyer or Supplier/Seller) over the other.

We concluded that in most of these cases despite the best intentions of Buyers attempting to clearly communicate what they want or need and Suppliers/Sellers attempting to supply or service the requirements accurately and in good faith, it is the inconsistencies and breakdowns within a properly structured contracting process and/or the absence of an agreed upon, formal two-party purchasing agreement that facilitates failure.

We further concluded that Purchasing & Trading on the Internet will continue to grow at double-digit percentage rates every year forever and this explosive growth has expanded, intensified and publicized these failures. Time really was, is and will continue to be of the essence with respect to helping you benefit from Online Purchasing & Trading while preventing you from becoming a victim of Internet Buying & Supplying/Selling failures.

Our vision then is to help any and all Purchasing & Trading parties execute buying or selling or advertising transactions in an online forum simply, quickly, thoroughly, transparently and contractually on a safe, secure, accountable and easy-to-use e-Commerce platform to substantially improve honesty, fairness, balance, cost-effectiveness and satisfaction in Purchasing & Trading results.

Good faith bargaining and contracting for mutual benefit on the Internet, through access to and use of an online, 360 degree Purchasing & Trading system that really works and is available to everyone, is the way it should be! It is our priority and devotion.

Our mission is to provide new opportunities, a state-of-the-art structure & process, safe & secure methodologies and very reasonably priced services to those who have already chosen or to those who would like to choose (but are afraid of unknown consequences) to search, buy, sell, contract, pay and advertise on the Internet World Wide Web.

Our values are ‘Focused’ on our Customers, our Team and the Business & Consumer Community.

We want to help our Customers (Purchasing & Trading Parties: Buyers, Suppliers/Sellers, Financial Institutions and Advertisers) experience secured, documented successes with delivered savings in time, cost and money including buying & selling & advertising efforts, reduced transaction Interchange Fees, improved Commercial Contracts, verifiable and authentic trading performance and accurate, undisputed exchange settlements.

We strive to help our Team be properly trained, incentivized, tenacious, courteous and proud to deliver Purchasing & Trading opportunities, service and success to our customers. We believe in a working environment that promotes a culture of optimism, professionalism, innovation and that steadfastly values a proper balance between the quality of personal life and business life.

We strive to ensure our Business & Consumer Communities view us as game-changing leaders in the world of Commerce and e-Commerce with respect to Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness; Speed, Simplicity and Transparency; Safety, Security and Peace of Mind; Awareness of and Responsiveness to Societal and Environmental requirements, conditions and needs; Empowering any and all of our Users; Engaging correctly with Rules, Regulations, Laws and Policies; Facilitating clear, instructive and fair Purchase Orders and Contracts; and Daring to correct, challenge, mitigate and stamp out failings, weaknesses, new threats and aberrations of Online Commerce.

Your mission is to use and benefit from and Precious®Payment and experience our values.

After all, when was the last time you arranged to make a personal purchase using your own formal Purchase Order format complimented by your own terms and conditions? If never, that time awaits you now and needs only a computer, a web browser, your fingertips, your imagination and the courage to challenge yourself to try something new. Please don’t continue to wonder if you spent your money wisely or if you received a competitive, fair deal.

Why continue to miss out on any chance of receiving real, tangible financial and protective benefits (for yourself, for your family, for your business or for your employer). There is absolutely no cost to give it a try!


How We Make It Work For You

We created an unbelievably thorough but simple, dynamic template with an interactive forum capability and helpful tools “built in” that constitute our online, expert Purchasing and Trading Web Site platform.


From the moment you think of something, anything that you need or want to buy (you are only limited by your imagination, what is disallowed by our agreed upon site terms and conditions of use, and what is not legal) to the time you completely satisfy the transaction and then file/archive the details for posterity, and Precious®Payment are always with you and focused to help you achieve what's important to you and reach your Purchasing and Trading goals.

Life should not be full of surprises and neither should Internet Online Purchasing & Trading.

Our Purchasing & Trading platform helps eliminate Internet Commercial surprises and/or problems by facilitating and guiding:

  1. Focused and clear Content Creation to define Buyer requirements
  2. Focused and directed Search to eliminate the element of chance
  3. Focused and expanded open Search to reach more potential Suppliers/Sellers
  4. Focused and structured Supplier/Seller Offers to provide review consistency
  5. Focused and Online/Offline Negotiations to facilitate agreements
  6. Focused and timely Supplier/Seller Selection to notify all parties
  7. Focused and detailed P.O. initiation to confirm the final offer
  8. Focused and recorded Contract Formation to protect both parties
  9. Focused and recorded Contract Performance to ensure compliance
  10. Focused and scheduled Precious®Payment to ensure settlement
  11. Focused and reportable Warehoused Data to allow trending
  12. Focused and mapped Information to allow financial downloads
  13. Focused and recalled History to execute repeat purchases and sales
  14. Focused and available Data to comply with laws & regulations


How We Do It "Summary"

Visit our Home Page and go to the “Search” option found just under the Navigation Bar. Then, by entering FocusWords™ or FocusPhrases™ that are interesting or important to you or choose from our dropdown category selection, explore what folks are buying and selling on This is FREE.More

Step One - Register

If already Registered, simply sign in on the Home Page and begin the Purchasing & Trading process based on your current interests and requirements.

If not yet Registered, from the Home Page go directly to the “Registration” option page or navigate to it through any one of the other pages of important relevance and benefits to a Buyer, or to a Supplier/Seller, or to an Advertiser, or to someone interested in using our Precious®Payment settlement. You can also navigate to it through the Getting Started or Business Advantages option pages.

Registration is FREE, asks for normal information to help protect all parties and is required one time.

But Registration is REQUIRED for buyers to post Listings and for Suppliers and Sellers to post Offers.

Step Two - Complete a Transaction

Once you are Registered, you can choose from the following options.......

  1. Expand Your Profile which permits you to:
    1. Complete your Personal Account Information which is necessary for you to create and issue Purchase Orders & Contracts, select and advantage our Precious®Payment process, use our fee-based services and place Advertisements on our Web Site.
    2. Complete your Personal Preferences Information all of which is optional for you to outline your Contract Preferences; your own, Preferred Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase; your method of Contact Preferences; your Picture; your Social Site Links; your About Me sharing for yourself or for your business; your Memberships & Affiliations; and your Location.
  2. Create a Listing by completing the data fields required to launch an RFI or an RFQ or an RFP (Request: for Information; for Quote; for Proposal respectively)... using either the short version or the very thorough longer version of defining your requirements. Use the plus (+) buttons to find formats; to expand descriptions; to add any and all details needed; to show pricing components; to select more options covering payment & terms, finance & accounting, specific terms & conditions, transportation & delivery; and to filter (in or out) suppliers or sellers offers that you will accept for review.
  3. Make an Offer by completing the data fields required to return information or a quote or a proposal to a Buyer. Use the plus (+) buttons to find formats to expand descriptions; to add any and all details needed; to confirm pricing components; to highlight the value-add you bring to the Buyer; and to draw attention to information and/or terms that are different than what the Buyer has defined.
  4. ADVERTISE by completing fields that communicate your goals; your budget; your Ad types and sizes and placements; your contact preferences; and your other comments. Our instructions on how to reach our advertising associates is also posted here.

Step Three - Manage Your Transactions

After you have executed one or more of the above actions, you can review your data field input for accuracy, you can save it as a draft for future review or modification, you can return to adding more detail or option information, or you can submit the content for posting on the Web Site.

At any time a Buyer can choose to negotiate with a Supplier or Seller, accept an Offer or an Offer as subsequently negotiated and proceed to create a Purchase Order (PO).

The next step is for the Supplier or Seller to Acknowledge the PO, on the Contract Performance & Responsibilities format, so a binding two party contract and agreement is in force. This format also serves as a checklist and milestone document to ensure both parties to the contract adhere to fulfilling their contractual responsibilities.

The Buyer can monitor all Listings, Contracts and Resolution Issues on the MY LISTINGS summary format and the Supplier or Seller can do the same for Offers on the MY OFFERS summary format.

Step Four - Provide/Receive Products or Services

The Supplier or Seller provides the product, goods or services as required by the Purchase Order Contract and the Buyer receives and accepts or rejects the delivered products, goods or services.

Step Five - Payment

The financial settlement for the payment of the product, goods or services has been or will be made in accordance with the requirements and terms of the PO Contract. In the case of Precious®Payment, acceptance would release the funds to be paid whereas rejection would allow the funds to be held in the Precious ®Payment Escrow Account until the issue is resolved between the parties or their mediators or lastly by the final, binding ruling of an arbitrator.

Step Six - Record Keeping

The trading data for each and every transaction is warehoused by for convenience and a future time of required possession. This data is available for multiple Buyer or Supplier/Seller purposes which we provide, through a fee-based menu, as a service to our customers.


When We Do It

We decided to always be with you to help formalize and guide your Purchasing & Trading (whenever or wherever) to achieve the right result for any and all parties directly involved with an e-Commerce buy/sell/pay/advertise, etc. transaction on and its Precious®Payment process.


You have many rights in the use of our Web Site and its services. The most important one is that “You Are IN CONTROL” from wherever you are at the moment or whenever you want to conduct buying and selling activities. All you need is access to the Internet and Browser software for desktop, laptop or mobile applications.

Internet and/or Offline Buying and/or Selling are just plain better when you are using our Purchasing & Trading Platform!

So whenever or however you are involved with Purchases & Trade, get noticed faster and by more interested folks, strive for excellence in and satisfaction for every transaction you make, work to improve your financial future and never lose the love you have to make a purchase or to make a sale or to make and place an award winning advertisement.


In Conclusion

Don and Tom look forward to you being a part of our professional family and becoming a REGISTERED USER to carry out all of your Purchasing & Trading activities. Please enjoy the Web Site, find new and exciting uses for it, achieve buy/sell satisfactory results and never hesitate to provide us with Feedback and Suggestions (good, bad or so-so).